Breckenridge Weather & Snow Conditions

In a place as richly blessed with recreational activities as Breckenridge, the weather isn’t simply a conversational fallback, it’s an essential guide to planning which of the city’s resorts, events, or attractions you’ll be attending that day. For many who come to experience Breckenridge’s famous Ullr Fest or the Running of the Santas, the snow is an essential part of what makes those events magical. For others, hiking the lush Rocky Mountains is best appreciated with clear skies and warm temperatures. 

As such, we have provided an accurate forecast for Breckenridge below. It updates weekly for your convenience and will help you plan your vacation’s daily and nightly activities.  Be sure and check the weather frequenlty – mountain weather can change in an instant!

Current Breckenridge Weather Forecast

Stay current with changing Summit County weather and Breckenridge snow conditions.

Temperature Averages

Breckenridge is located in Summit County, Colorado, and is over 9500 feet in elevation. It averages nearly 370 inches of snowfall per year. While winter temperatures can vary with some days dipping below 30°F, the city experiences over 300 days of sunshine a year, making practically any winter excursion a pleasant pastime.  Likewise, summer temperatures are often perfectly situated to allow Breckenridge vacationers a chance to enjoy whatever they’ve set their eyes on. Routinely, the summer months average daytime temperatures of 70°F, with lows around 50°F or below in the evening.

Because Breckenridge has a high-alpine climate, unexpected weather can occur and has manifested every which way, from scorching heat to rainstorms, and also to snowstorms. Bearing that in mind, it is also recommended that visitors to Breckenridge, regardless of the time of year they are visiting, should prepare for the possibility of changing weather conditions, especially if they are trekking up into the mountains.