Breckenridge and Summit County Travel Tips

Main Street Breckenridge, illuminated by lights and store fronts reflect the 1880's charm of yesteryear while the ski resort accents the background.

Adjusting to High Altitude

Avoid or minimize altitude sickness by following these simple rules. Stay hydrated. Breckenridge is at 9,500 feet, with peaks on the ski slopes reaching almost 13,000 feet. To avoid experiencing headache, nausea, fatigue or other altitude sickness symptoms, drink a minimum of eight glasses of water, reduce alcohol, caffeine, and salt.

Colorado Time Zone

Colorado is on Mountain Standard Time (MST)during the winter and Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) during the summer. The time difference from the East Coast is two hours behind (+2 hours) and one-hour ahead of the West Coast (-1 hour). Compared with Great Britain, the time difference amounts to seven hours (-7 hours) and to Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland eight hours (-8 hours).

Packing Tips

Colorado's weather can change quickly. A sweater or jacket needed in the morning might need to be shed in favor of a light shirt in the afternoon, particularly if it's a sunny day. Dressing in layers is the ideal approach. Western casual with an outdoorsy, comfortable style is most common in the Colorado mountains. Lightweight hiking shoes, jeans, t-shirts, down vests, sport jackets, and a hat with sun protection will get you about anywhere. Sunglasses, lip balm, and sunscreen are important to protect yourself from 300+ days of high altitude sunshine a year.