Property Management

Thanks to a full suite of property management services, we help owners prepare their homes in myriad ways, both on the business end of the rental process as well as on the aesthetic end of cleaning and upkeep. Working with Ski Colorado Vacation Rentals makes owning and leasing your property easier.

With the help of our highly trained staff, we make sure your home is always ready, inside and out, for every major vacation season; come mountaineers ready for some Colorado skiing or foodies looking to imbibe the spirit of the state, your mountain rental will be ready for them all.

Full Service Rental Property Management

Our services fall into three key categories, the first of which is preparing your property for rental. Naturally, this is a big job with multiple touchpoints, all of which are overseen by our experienced staff. This includes:

  • Optimized rental listings across multiple channels
  • Dynamic pricing
  • 24/7 guest services
  • Local, on-site staff
  • Clear commissions policy
  • Full cleaning and maintenance services
  • Partner-based property management relationships
  • No limit on owner property use
  • Free income estimates

When it comes to the business of mountain rentals, especially in preparation for Colorado skiing season, we believe that two qualities make the difference between mediocre and exceptional property management: clarity and comprehensiveness.

By working with Ski Colorado, you’ll never be kept in the dark about the state of your property or how you can find the resources you need.

Highly Trained Cleaning & Maintenance Staff

As was mentioned above, one of the key markers of our services is providing our clients with access to our highly-trained staff of custodial and maintenance professionals. As this is one of the most important aspects of property management, where the property (and by extension, the property owner) is able to make a lasting impression on renters, we don’t employ contractors. Instead, each member of the maintenance team is a direct employee of Ski Colorado.

We characterize our cleaning service in the following ways:

  • Customized cleaning plan for each property
  • Thorough inspections between Guests
  • Maintenance team on staff
  • We manage third party vendors and deliveries
  • Annual deep cleans
  • Complimentary annual maintenance inspections
  • Guest pays cleaning fees
  • We treat your home like it’s our own!

With such an experienced staff of people at your disposal, you can rest assured that your property will always look its best and that everything will be in working order, every time you want to list it.

Self-Management Services

One of the most important aspects of owning property is having a vested interest in its welfare and acting accordingly. As such, you might want to take on the responsibility of property management yourself. Even here, Ski Colorado can help. We make it easy for you to oversee the critical parts of your mountain rental yourself, from getting it ready for listing to handing over the keys to your guests.

You can make your Colorado skiing retreat the best it can be with a little bit of help from us. This includes:

  • You book your own property
  • We provide guest check-in and key services
  • We clean and stock between guests, your guest pays
  • We are on call for maintenance needs
  • Starting at just $99 per month

With Ski Colorado’s property management services, you never need to worry about becoming overwhelmed with your home’s care again.