Current Breckenridge Weather Forecast

Breckenridge weather is one of Summit County's best kept secrets.
The winters will bring you here, but the summers are why you will want to stay!


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Temperature and Snowfall Averages

Gorgeous weather abounds here in Breckenridge, Colorado. The weather forecast is usually for sun.  In fact, the average is for 300 days of sunshine! The city is located over 9500 feet in elevation and averages over 300 inches of snowfall a year. Winter temperatures usually stay below freezing.

Summer temperatures average 70 degrees during the day.  50 degrees is the average in the evenings. High altitude and rapidly changing weather mean visitors at any time of year should be prepared for changing conditions. The average July high temperature is 73 °F and low temperature is 39 °F. The average January high temperature is 31 °F and low temperature is 0 °F.

The average humidity remains around 30% throughout the year. The highest precipitation occurs in July with 1.75 inches. The average low occurs in October with 0.78 inches of rain.

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Breckenridge Weather Tips for What to Wear

The weather can change drastically, as much as 40 degrees of more from the warmest part of the day until the coolest part of the night. Dressing in layers is the best recommendation. Wear a short sleeved shirt and tie a long sleeve shirt or jacket around your waist in the summer time. During ski season, while you're on the slopes consider a nice light weight water resistant turtleneck. Layer with a thicker coat that you can remove, if needed.

Don't forget the gloves!  Not all mittens and gloves are created equal.  Nothing ruins a skiing trip faster than cold hands (and toes).  One recommendation is to layer the gloves.  Find a nice water resistant thin layered glove.  Then add the thicker ski glove on top.  You'll thank me later.

For the feet, be sure to get a "made for snow" boot.  This means more than the mid ankle boot that non alpine goers wear.  Sorel makes nice warm boots.  You'll have no trouble walking around Main St. in these clodhoppers!

In Colorado there is a famous phrase, "If you don't like the weather, just wait ten minutes." The weather can change quickly by 20 degrees or so within the same hour. Just from the sun to the shade you'll notice a temperature shift. Be prepared with your layers and you'll be all set

Dress Right to Stay Warm or Cool

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